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Cheap bin hire and skip hire in the Auckland area that will definitely save you money and time. We guarantee low cost bin hire and skip hire prices coupled with the very best in friendly helpful service.  

Bin hire is the most cost effective easiest way to remove rubbish and make your home and garden more visually appealing and less cluttered.  With a bin at your property you can take your time to load it and because it has steel sides you can really pack it in. You will have plenty of time to sort out what goes and what stays.

Time is precious and driving a trailer to the tip may not be a pleasant experience. Bin hire will allow you to get your rubbish removal done quickly and completely.  It makes sense both in terms of cost savings and time to use a local contractor.  That is why our owner drivers just work over a local area and because they are owner drivers they share our values when it comes to friendly courteous service.


Does your bin hire cover my area?

Our skip hire covers the whole of the Auckland area from Beachlands to Silverdale with local contractors.


What size of bins can I hire?

We offer a full range of bin sizes

Mini skip hire          2, 3, 4.5 metre bins

Jumbo bin hire        6, 7.5, 9  metre bins 

Mega bin hire          12 and 15 metre bins

Hardfill bin hire       2 and 3 metre bins


How long can my bin hire be for?

You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day bin hire.

If you are planning an early start order the bin for the day before.



How can I tell which bin is the right size and price for me?

Use the man in the pictures to get an accurate idea of scale.  

On the big bins we also use a line to indicate the maximum capacity. For example, when you order a 6m bin we deliver you a 9m bin with a line at 6m and if you find you want to fill it to the top you can do this and just pay the extra $45.  All our prices include gst. 

Good ideas for you to get the best out of bin,skip hire:

1 Put the heaviest items at the bottom - that's the easiest way.

2. Stack neatly and load straight - you will get more in this way.

3. If possible load from the far end and work forward.  By doing it this way you can clearly see how much space you have left.

5. Don't under-estimate your requirements. You know the saying ''It's better to have it and not want it, than to want it and not have it''.  With bin hire you can always scratch around and find something else to go in the bin.  It can be very costly and annoying if you still have a pile left and the bin is full.

6. Skip bins have holes in the bottom to drain the rain out. But if the items you put in the bin get soggy it's going to add to the weight on tipping and might cost you more money. Put a tarpaulin over the bin if you have one if it's going to rain.  

7. Go for a shorter hire period.  if the bin stays too long on your property it may get wet and become heavy. This could cost you more money.

8. Be aware that the bin could be collected at any time on pick-up day.  Don't leave it to the last minute and be ready for your bin to go by 7.30 am.  If you need an extra day call the office the day before.  If we can we will give you more time to finish loading.





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Hippo Bin Hire is just a call away!

7.30 to 5pm

Please call Barbs and Sam
021  22 44 770

When you hire a bin from us, you can expect a neat and tidy bin on the day that you ordered it, placed where you want it, and picked up on the agreed day.
Think safety, remember our workplace is your home. Please read our do's and don'ts:
Do tell us if you have young children or pets who may be near the driveway on delivery.  We normally back down your drive.
Do warn us of hazzards such as narrow gateways, meter boxes, low overhead wires, overhanging eves or branches.
Do not put asbestos in the bin.  Asbestos is a hazardous material. This means no old fibrolite or asbestos based insulation.
Do not put ammunition, petrol, lithium ion batteries, magnesium ribbon or any other self-combusting material in the bins.

Please go to our pictures on the Bins page, select your bin, then give us a call on 021 22 44 770 or simply go to Book my bin.






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